Sunday, December 26, 2010

An Appeal for the Homosexual

Persatuan Ulama Malaysia urge Malaysian government to counter the growing "problem" of homosexual-ism.

First of all, i dont see homosexual as a social problem that requires swift respond from the very-busy-government, further more, it brings no harm to the societies. Thus, at this critical economic turmoil, i hope that the government to focus on economic development and more relevant issues .

Allow me to voice my opinion according to my subjective priority chronology. If someone ought to be blame for homosexual, i will post the question to the all mighty creator. The God had created man in way they ought to be. If liking a person from the same kind, thats god's will.

Many accused that being a homosexual is optional. Sir, and Madam, i beg to differ, because they were born in this way . As soon as they know what is "relationship" and acknowledge what is "fall in love" , they will realize their extraordinary (more proper - ordinary) sexual orientation.

"The longstanding consensus of the behavioral and social sciences and the health and mental health professions is that homosexuality is a normal and positive variation in human sexual orientation"

When we provide love and care for orphans, when we are talking about provide as much assistance as we could for those who were born handicapped, It's utterly unfair to pass a law to punish our born homosexual friends. Fundamental reason being, they were just being themselves, as much as a heterosexual boy who fall in loves in girl.

I had interviewed a homo friend recently. I asked him a simple question
" How do you feel when you are imagining having sex with a women"
His reply was clear
"Zee How, dont even mention about sex, the fact that imagining their naked bodies is disgusting enough to make some of our kind feel uncomfortable"

Fair enough. My simple inference was that, forcing them to be like us was nothing more than forcing us to be like them. For a better understanding, those heterosexual person who is strongly against the idea of homosexual-ism, please kiss , or have sex with another person of your kind. If its acceptable for you, i will then rest my case.

The old wise man once said - I have asked doctors this, that you are genetically born a homosexual -- because that's the nature of the genetic random transmission of genes -- you can't help it. So why should we criminalize it?
My dear Lee Kuan Yew had openly condoned , or accepted that homosexuals are indeed on of an ordinary way of lifestyle. Many had enlighten that conservative country like the United Kingdom had openly recognized homosexual as part of their society.

Of course, we respect your believe. Be it Christian, Muslim or Buddhist, you may enjoy the freedom of religion by practicing whatever your religion instructed. My humble opinion is- keep it to yourself.

Being a christian myself, i acknowledge that Abrahamic sect banned homosexual-ism. For a christ believer, some went on to the extend of persecution. Bear in mind, my gift from Jesus christ is Grace and Love, not law. Jehovah PUNISHED people in the past before Jesus Christ. He drowned the sinner in a great flood during Noah's time, and Moses sentenced a few hebrew to DEATH for praying to idol.

What Christ had offered? those without sin cast the first stone. remember? We are taught to embrace Love. Love your enemy, thats what my god had told me. How many of us, self proclaimed christian who actually Love our enemy? Love is not just an absent of hatress, but a positive feeling towards another. I dont hate my enemy does not mean i love my enemy. How many of us actually manage to achieve that?

7 deadly sins.wrath, greed, sloth, pride, lust, envy and gluttony. aDont we have sex for pleasure? dont we greed for Ipad, TV, travel, all sorts of self-indulgence? dont we envy? dont we get angry (wrath) all the time?

My mom said, brush your own teeth than the mirrors. comprehensive?

If we wish to exercise our religious thought to the other, no peace will be upon the earth. We had seen deadly crusader wars , bloody 7 years war, people proclaims supremacy of own believer and intend to triumph the believe of another, often , end up disastrous and resembles nothing of a God like features.

You had spoken your opinion, to go against homosexual. God appreciate and acknowledged. However, i dont see any part of Quran that god requires you to suppress them! When Nabi Mohd reigned in Madina, he advocated peaceful and harmonious policy to govern the relationship of Muslim, christians and the Israelis.

You are urging the government to solve the problem because it is against your religion's teaching.

Assume that Christian do more harm to Islam than Homosexual to Islam. Christian do not believe Nabi Mohd at the first place. Christian do not pray to Allah 5 times a day facing the holy city. Chrisian eat porks. Christians are against polygamy. Realistically, Christian do more harm to islamic teaching than homosexual.

Same goes to Buddhist. Assume that Buddhist prayed to some idol which might be satan in your perspective. Buddhist believe in recarnation which contradicts to your eternal syurga and Neraka. They are more deadly to your beleive than homosexual.

why such an unfair treatment to our homosexual friend, which committed no crime from their part? why punish people who are born in that way and have no solutions to change their sexual orientation?

I love peace. I love perpaduan, and i embrace satu Malaysia. Just like many of you. I see our homosexual friend are a bunch of peace maker, whom sometimes indulge in their group activities which you are accusing as a "problem", just like us. we lust for a new car, we lust for sex. nothing much that could differ the similarities of such "problem" concerning their's than us.

I see them as equal as us. Nothing special. I dont see a reason to exclude them from the notion of ordinary. Being ordinary, they are entitled to enjoy what we are enjoying. We are entitled to love and have pleasure with our loves one so do they.

Thanks for tolerating us, the christian all the while, so do us, tolerating the muslim anad other religion. Such a toleration, is the foundation of building our country, and such a toleration , should extend to every ordinary person who did not post harm or threat to the society.

Unless, you can provide a COMFORTABLE solution, do not press on our homo friend for a change in their social orientation. Homosexual had been there since no time. As far as i can recall, since the time of Alexander the Great where history was written. Its undoubtedly natural. Some animal do have sex with their same kind as well. (i am not equating man with animals, just an example to show that its natural).

We are lucky to be born as a hetero sexual. Before asserting our believe, please understand them. Please, think of kissing the person of the same sex if you are a hetero sexual person. Passing law banning homosexual for them is just as painful, as passing a law to ban us from loving another person of an opposite sex. Unless , you can provide a comfortable solutions, for instance, a painless injection which can switch their orientation, i urge us to keep quite.


Wednesday, December 1, 2010

An ordinary day in London

Another Tuesday, the best day for me in a week . Simply because it's a classless day.

weather : SNOW
feeling : Good

I woke up in the morning and what awaits me was the longed frozen tears from God. Snow dropped gently onto the garden and melted once it touches the soil.

Then, i toasted a bread , ate , and went to UCL for a meeting. This is what i saw

Basically what happened was that the protesting students occupied the Jeremy Bentham Room in UCL to show their dissatisfaction towards the government new tuition fee policy. out of curiousity, i went in and had a glance from the insight.And this is what i saw.

I mean, UK students are really creative in demonstrating their feelings, particularly local students. Street demonstration might be too cold for some of them thus, the best alternative method to create a havoc for the sake of attention is to occupy academic building. I heard that SOAS's Brunei Gallery was fallen as well

Fearing to be questioned on my illegitimate presence (without UCL student ID), i quickly move to the UCL office with Bhavik and meet Mr Evans for some student business. Everything was fine.

Afterthat, i travelled to Trafalgar Square for another meeting with Tourism Malaysia, along with my boss and a junior. Auntie Sharon , the Deputy Director of Tourism Malaysia was kind enough to treat us a meal in Jom Makan, and the so call meeting lasted for almost 3 hours.

When we were heading back to the office, something shocking happened . this is what i saw.

A human wall form by the police blocked our path. Choppers flying above . We have to use the back door route to get back into the office building. Upon entrance, we rushed to the top floor , and this is what we saw

Student demo in Trafalgar Square. Aggressive, angry student chanting some words with banners and buntings on hand. what impressed us was that it was -2'c that time. We concluded that they were really really angry .

After that, Boss came to my house and have a little business chat
Then i rest
Then i go Espoinage
Then i back
Then i read Harry Potter and the Half Blood Prince
Then i sleep

Thus, concluded my ordinary tuesday.

Tuesday, July 13, 2010

The Life of an Octopus

I am not a football fans.

In fact, the only feature of mine that resembles a football was my round bold head.

I was hatched on January 2008. My boss name me after an apostle of Jesus. Two years had gone, i am in my middle age now, equivalent to your human age of 50.

Ever since i was born, once in a while, they insert two boxes into my house. I was frustrated. Just feed me like usual will you ? why stuff my food into two weird boxes? But after a second thought, i sense something. Actually, the taste of the food are different!. Sometimes, the box that is nearer to me smell more appealing than the other. Sometimes, they simply put some rotten prawn in one of the box. These left me no choice but to choose the better food.

I feel good. I am well taken care off. just that sometimes those boxes frustrates me. You know, i am boneless, and i have to use all my strength just to open the box. unlike my wild predator counterpart in the deep blue sea, i am numb.

Now that i am approaching retirement age, i think my boss and nurses would not feed me by boxes. What a relief. they think i am good in opening boxes, and for that, the want to find me a girlfriend. I heard that her name is Pauline. They expect me to pass down my boxes opening to my heir.

My fellow Octopus around the world

I am one of the few lucky octopus that lives until middle age and about to enjoy my retirement

I wish to say how sorry i am knowing that human alien ate you brutally

They cut you into pieces and wrapped into some flour ball and call you tako yaki

They eat you alive

They pierce through your ass up to your head and 2 of your friends in a stick and burn you

Bros, i see you in the after life. Seriously, if you want to live a good life like me, learn how to open boxes. Human alien will be amazed by your ability to open the box and get the food...i think.


Saturday, April 4, 2009

an appology

Due to heavy load of work and responsibility, i have to defer my plan to be active in blogging. sorry a million, will be back soon!

Tuesday, January 20, 2009

Great Grandma's 100th Birthday ! (part 2)- the preparation for fiesta

The Preparation for Fiesta!

Well, everyone has their part on preparation. No one is easy, no one is empty handed, and no one is FREE.!

Grandma busy for tasting the food
Mom busying for playing around
Grandpa is busying refilling oil for the altar

The aunties (grandma's friend) are busying continueing thier business , and the three generation ( my grand aunt, aunt and cousin) busying having their light food.

As for the cousins, they are definitely happy with the outcome of the conferrence just now, thus they are united ^^. 2 from KL, one from Kedah, one from Terengganu, and one from Johor.

The fiesta is simple but complex, soft but hard,cold but hot, small but big. what is it? SteamBoat!!! simple in cooking but complex in variety, soft in before cook and hard after, its cold but must eat hot, small in scale but stuffed until stomach grow bigger then ever.
We like steamboat, coz we can choose whatever we like ^^

Take note that we have two steamboat. the one in the far end is non- vegetarian, and then one in other side is vegetarian. In my mom's side family member, vegetarians are majority ^^. my grandma have 6 daugthers and a son.
1st aunt -vege
2nd aunt(my god mom) -vege
3rd aunt - half-vege (occasionally)
4th aunt - non-vege
5th (my mom) - vege
6th aunt - non-vege but does not consume sea food
uncle - purest vegetarian
the 4th generation-
ME!!!!- vege
so , approximately 7 vegetarian ^^. our food never lost to the non-vege. We have chicken, lamb, fish, beef, all sorts of thing they have . in fact, ours taste better .
Night is approaching, the celebration is near. wait for the next episode ya!!
TO BE CONTINUE...................................

Tuesday, January 6, 2009

Great Grandma's 100th Birthday! (part 1)

This blog is dedicated for my relatives, which couldnt attend our greatgradma (greatgreatgrandma, grandma, mom, sister)'s 100 years old birthday.

First of all, congratulation to Greatgrandma, Chan Xiong Lan for surviving for a decade. Born in 1908, she was bought up in a middle class family near to the city of Da Pu, Canton. Greatgrandma was a Xiu Je ( Lady ) where upon marriage, she have a personnel maid following her whereever she goes, even to Malaysia with her late husband, (my great grandfather) in the 30ies.

She was a devote Taoist . As you can see , the entrance of our kampung (well, not anymore) in Kuala Kangsar is almost fully occupied by the taoist altar of Zhen Kong Zhu Shi

Now i briefly talk abut the altar, its something not alien for my family who always pray upon visit. There a table and a smaller one infront. The smaller table in front was covered by a red cloth with picture or the 8 god (ba xian)

Then, there's an copper urn on it, with a mu yu on the right and another urn on the left(hitting the urn symbolises the beging of a prayer. the tempo is 3 crochet and 2 quaver. So its, Ding ~ Ding~ Ding~ Ding!Ding!).

On the table itself there are 3 bigger urns for 3 goddes (san xian nu) then theres a mirror behind with chinese idioms on both sides and above. This altar was well preserve by greatgrandma and she is passing it to my grandfather ^^

Lets make a Visit to the Imperial kitchen

-The Imperial maids washing the dishes (florida( my godma (mom's sis)'s friend from Sabah and Sam (My uncle (mom's brother)'s maid)
-The Imperial chef's assistant (my mom )cutting the food, with the king's personal Enouch (my Godma) inspecting the food. hehe

Well, it isnt that hard to wait for food in Kuala Kangsar's house coz there's lots of thing to do , which can kill your free time.

The cousins spent their good time in their conference. Conference regarding how to kill their PSP game ^^


The grands, be it grand aunt, grandpa, grandma, having their good time charring around about thier grandchildren

"where's your grandkid studying?"
"erm.... dunno where in Subang la"
"my grandkid there also, in Mo~~mo~~nas (monash) ,yours?"
"dunno what ,got cooking, hotel, de la"
"Oh..... it must be taylor"
"No la, she is studying hotel and cooking, not tayloring"
" dunno meh, i heard hor now, taylor not only teach sewing, they teach cooking also !"
" Ya lo, now economic no good, taylor also must get second job"
"YaloYalo !, my son also take another job, and hor.........blah blah"


(president) Auntie preparing the electricity need,
(comittee member) Uncle helping, and
(advisor) greatgrandma preparing herslef to celebrate by.....waiting.

When come to uncles, there's nothing more than fighthing on thier knowledge on how bad the politician are, and how good the tea are.

Well, what is more challenging then making some money?
"shiu ! Shiu ! dont take my picture !!"
"erm...ok... but nevermind, i am going to reveal you in the next picture!!"

HEre you are ^^ , my dearest grandma~

TO BE CONTINUE...............................

Thursday, December 18, 2008

Tears in Heaven that melted my heart, and your's soon

Today,i would like to share a song

A very touching song, accredited to both the lyric and melody as well as the harmony.

I present the choirboys. Please spare some times to listen
(please read the blog while listening to this touching music)

Tears in Heaven"was composed by Eric Clapton following the 1991 death of his four-year-old son, Conor, who fell from a 53rd-story window in his mother's friend's New York's condominium

Please read through the touching lyric

Would you know my name
If I saw you in heaven?
Would it be the same
If I saw you in heaven?

I must be strong
And carry on,
'Cause I know I don't belong
Here in heaven.

Would you hold my hand

If I saw you in heaven?
Would you help me stand
If I saw you in heaven?

I'll find my way
Through night and day,
'Cause I know I just can't stay
Here in heaven.

Time can bring you down,
Time can bend your knees.
Time can break your heart,
Have you begging please,
begging please.

Beyond the door,
There's peace I'm sure,
And I know there'll be no more
Tears in heaven.

Would you know my name
If I saw you in heaven?
Would it be the same
If I saw you in heaven?
I must be strong

And carry on,
'Cause I know I don't belong
Here in heaven.

"Would you know my name, if i saw you in heaven". How piercing pain, the heart of a loving father , who wonders whether his son will ever know him when both of them ever have the chance to reconcile.

The words by the father,showed how much he wanted his son to appreciate his love, his affection, himself. How pain if you love a person who is no longer here with us.

All he wished, is that

young Conor knew that his father loves him from the deepest of his heart.

Rest in peace